National Showcase & Fashion GALA!

We welcome all Performers, Parents and Industry enthusiasts,

From across the world we find, build, nurture and introduce  Talent to the big-hitters, movers and shakers of the Performing Arts industry.

As a unique doorway within The Talent with Purpose Project, we are thrilled to present our well-networked and anticipated annual event in the world of Fashion, Film, Television and Theatre — the Gold Talent Performing Arts Talent Showcase, Convention & Fashion Gala. This exciting showcase is a celebration of passion, purpose, and achievement, designed to ignite the flames of creativity and excellence in our dynamic industry.

In the ever-evolving and highly competitive landscape of the performing arts, talent, skill and opportunity are your greatest assets. We believe that participating in competitions within our showcase is not just an opportunity but a crucial step towards realizing your full potential before looking to enter the industry on an international level.

Within the competitive process present at our national showcase, we include a convention style industry mentoring and development program that delivers a inspirational educational experience, providing our participants with the scope and depth of understanding that in order to understand success, they need to know exactly what is required from them every step of the way.

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This is your chance to refine your skills, gain industry insights, and expand your horizons.

The world of fashion, film, television, and theatre is a place of immense talent and creativity. To stand out, you will need to embrace competition as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. The journey to excellence begins with taking the stage, facing one’s fears, and sharing your unique talents with the world.
Passion is the driving force behind every great performance. It's that fire in your heart that pushes you to explore your limits and express yourself uniquely. Our showcase provides a platform for you to share your passions and bring your unique story into the world.
Every artist yearns for a sense of purpose—knowing that their work matters and resonates with others. This showcase is your opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, professionals, and mentors who can help you uncover your true purpose in the world of fashion, film, television, and theatre.
Success is not just about talent; it's about hard work, determination, and the ability to rise to the occasion. The Ultimate Performing Arts Talent Showcase offers a platform where your achievements are recognized, celebrated, and encouraged. It's a stepping stone to greater opportunities and recognition in the industry.
Education and Growth
We understand the importance of continuous learning and growth in the performing arts. That's why we've gathered top industry coaches, experts, and mentors who will provide invaluable education, classes, and workshops for all participants.


With us, you'll discover your potential, expand your horizons, and make your mark as you enter the world of entertainment.

Together, we'll create unforgettable moments and inspiring stories.

The National Showcase is a safe, education-filled, family-oriented way to gain knowledge about the talent industry and connect with many industry professionals that are all under one roof at the same time, giving you undivided attention while you showcase your talents in front of them.

It’s a preparatory and well-run explosion of talent and creative competition that enhances each participants innate values, skills and experience before being chosen to attend our International Showcase in Hollywood, California!

The recipe for successful entry into the Performing Arts industry lies within each selected talents motivation, perseverance and ambition to succeed. Individuals that are selected will have been excellently prepared, have great talent, a positive personality, an enthusiastic outlook on life, great family support and will be actively seeking proper representation on an international scale.

Don't miss out on this uniquely inter-active transformative experience.

Our Showcase defines your path to success in the performing arts. Come have the time of your Life! We look forward to witnessing your talent, your growth, and your extra-ordinary journey forward.

Auditioning with our consulting team at Gold Talent International will determine if you are actually ready to pursue your dreams.
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Nico Kershaw
Gold Talent Showcase Producer, Music Producer, Vocal Performer, Model & Performing Arts Coach, Public Performer

Nico, an internationally certified veteran performer with experience on global stages and screens, operates a Performing Arts Studio in Boksburg, Gauteng.

He scouts and builds talent from around the world providing expert guidance and support to those individuals who have set their hearts on entering the industry.

Alongside songwriting, music production, and life coaching for teens and adults, Nico offers career mentorship and workshops for aspiring individuals in fashion, film, TV, and theatre.


Paul Kershaw
Gold Talent International Talent Showcase Producer,  Global Talent & Model Scout | Author

Paul builds, and nurtures individuals in the talent and performing arts industry who have a clear goal of attaining success. With a background in dance and modelling, he champions the importance of passion and purpose.

Certified in coaching and well-being, he specializes in training, branding, networking and building successful relationships in the industry.

As a Business & Arts Coach and Co-owner of the Gold Talent International Showcase he offers guidance, mentorship and career coaching to those who are ready for the world of entertainment.