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Press Release : Showcase 2024
Gold Talent Showcase 2024 Unveils Exclusive Invitation for Rising Stars Boksburg, South Africa February 11, 2024
Industry Terms
TIPS FROM GOLD TALENT Here you will find definitions of industry terminology and phrases frequently used in the world of theatre, film, TV, acting, fashion and performing.
Commitment, Dedication and Ambition: The Essential Elements for Success
In this blog article, we will discuss why dedication and ambition are absolute requirements for success in the performing arts, as well as some suggestions for cultivating these characteristics within yourself.
What do we look for in Talent?
| Important Notes |
People often ask us what it is that we look for in the talent that we discover and grow? There are multiple actors that are involved in each audition we facilitate.
7 Skills every Model or Performer Needs
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Getting into the Arts & Entertainment Industry is challenging! In this new mini class, Paul shares about the SEVEN great skills every performer or model should develop and enhance in their careers, which will give anyone the upper-hand in the industry!
Introduction to Performing Arts
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In this Gold Talent International Mini Class, Nico details what the Performing Arts is all about and what 7 unique skills are required in order to advance into the inspiring world of Arts & Entertainment.