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You NEED a good Support Team behind YOU!

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The world of arts and entertainment can be extremely demanding, there’s no doubt in that!

To be successful, you need more than simply natural skill. It takes determination, hard effort, and, maybe most significantly, a strong support system. In fact, having a solid team might mean the difference between success and failure in this competitive sector.

"Don't underestimate the value of having a good team," As E-News Correspondent, Industry Influencer and Hollywood Insider Alicia Quarles once advised: “Don’t underestimate the value of having a good team. You don’t become successful by yourself. You have to rely on really good people."

So, how many people should be on your support team if you wish to break into the arts and entertainment world as a talented performer? Of course, the answer varies depending on your specific goals. However, many effective performers have filled several basic but important positions in their support teams.

First and foremost, you'll require the services of an agent or manager. This is the person who will assist you with finding auditions and gigs, negotiating contracts, and managing your career in general. Your agent or manager should be someone you completely trust and who has prior industry expertise. They should be able to offer you advice and help throughout your career.

A publicist is another important element of your support team. This is the individual that will assist you in developing your brand and getting your name out there in the media. A skilled publicist will work with you to create a solid media plan and will assist you in securing interviews and other media opportunities that will help you build your profile in the industry.

Of course, no support staff is complete without an excellent accountant. This is the individual who will assist you in managing your funds and making sound financial decisions. They'll assist you with tax preparation, budgeting, and cost management so you can focus on your work without worrying about money.

Your support team may also comprise a vocal coach, a choreographer, a stylist, and a personal assistant. Again, the composition of your support team will be determined by your specific needs and goals. However, having individuals in your corner who can provide you with the direction, support, and expertise you need to succeed is critical.

It's also worth noting that having a support staff entails more than just having individuals to assist you with the practical side of things. It is also important to have emotional support. It can be difficult to get into the arts and entertainment industries, and having people who believe in you and your talent can make all the difference. Your support team should consist of people who genuinely care about you.

So, how do you go about compiling your support team?

The initial step is to begin networking. Attend industry events, participate in local theater plays, and use social media to network with other performers and industry professionals. The more individuals you know, the more likely it is that you will locate the perfect people to assist you in building your support team.

When it comes to selecting the ideal people for your team, it is critical to take your time and ensure you are making the proper decisions. Don’t simply employ the first agent, publicist, or accountant you come across. Do your research, ask for recommendations, and interview potential team members to ensure they're a good fit for you.

It's also critical to be clear about your objectives and expectations. Make sure everyone on your team understands your goals and what you want from them. When it comes to developing a solid support staff, communication is essential. You are a BUSINESS after all, and so your team needs to approach their role in a professional business-like manner.

Finally, keep in mind that your support team is there to assist you, but they cannot do everything for you. It is up to you to put in the effort and attention required to thrive in the arts and entertainment industry. Your support team is available to help and guide you, but you must do the heavy lifting. This entails honing your craft, attending classes and workshops, and putting yourself out there in public.

One thing to remember as you begin to build your support team is that you don't have to have all of these folks on board from the start. You might begin with just an agency and then add a publicist or accountant as your career advances. The main thing is to be open to team building and to always be on the lookout for skilled and motivated people who can assist you in reaching your objectives.

It is also worth noting that you are not need to rely only on paid specialists for assistance. Friends, family members, and mentors can all contribute to your support team. They may not be as knowledgeable as a professional agent or publicist, yet they can provide emotional support, help you with networking, and offer valuable advice and guidance.

At the end of the day, building a strong support team is essential if you want to succeed as a talented performer in the arts and entertainment industry. It takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to put yourself out there and connect with others in the industry. But with the right people in your corner, there's no limit to what you can achieve.
So, don't underestimate the value of having a good team. A reminder of what Hollywood Insider Alicia Quarles advises:, "You don't become successful by yourself. You have to rely on really good people."

Take the time to build your support team and watch as you soar to new heights in your career as a combined unit, working together to achieve a beneficial and supportive career and industry process.

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